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Fiber For Concrete

Available Sizes

For general applications, three sizes are available: 6mm, 12mm, and 24mm.

For export and bulk purchases, special cut sizes and packaging are available to meet specific requirements.

  • Features of Fiber For Concrete

  1. Reduction in Water Permeability

  2. Reduction in Rebound Loss

  3. Increase in Strength

  4. Crack Prevention

  5. Increase in Ductility

  6. Increase in Durability

  • Applications of Fiber For Concrete

  1. RMC Applications

  2. Crack Reduction in Concrete / Plaster

  3. Industrial Flooring

  4. RCC/PCC Road

  5. Infrastructure Projects

  6. Industrial Applications

Fiber For Concrete

Fiber For Concrete is an advanced version of reinforcement fiber designed for crack reduction and micro secondary tensile reinforcement.

There are various types of fibers available in the international market. Our fibers are imported, manufactured, and supplied with Adtreat Technology for optimal crack reduction and micro secondary tensile reinforcement.

We offer a full range of Fiber For Concrete including industrial grade, AR fibers, GRC, and more.

Fiber For Concrete
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